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Après MonoSki Clinic Resources

Sunday, January 17, 2021, 4-6pm EST

Thank you to all of you who attended the event, we hope that you enjoyed the presentation and have gathered some useful information.

On this page, you will find various resources and links to topics discussed during the virtual session, and well as various links that you might find helpful. If you would like to see other links added, please send them to Pascale Savard.

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Zoom Recording: We missed the very first part of the session (oops!) including the introductions (so sorry), but the rest of the recording of the event is here. We are also sharing with you the Power Point presentation in case you want to review some details.


We recommend that you visit Move United or your local chapter for resources that will be most relevant to you. Here are a few quick links based on the people who attended the virtual session, and the material covered.

Move United Tessier Group of Monoskiers at Stowe, VT
PSIA-e DynAccess Liam Wagner at Park City
Kelly Brush Foundation Active Project Enabling Technologies Greg Durso at Stowe
Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers Tessier buckets Greg and Jordan at Stowe
Maine Adaptive SnoYak Indoor Snowboarding in Scotland
Two Tops Adaptive Sports – Pennsylvania Aspen Seating / Ride Design Chris Young at the 2015 X-Games
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute – Minnesota Wheelchair Static and Dynamic Stability (Part I) – Erik Kondo Chris Collin at Stowe
Northern Arizona Adaptive Sports Association The Articulating Bucket – Erik Kondo  
Disability Snowsport UK Monoskiing – The Dynamics and Psychology of Falling- Erik Kondo  
Wasatch Adaptive Sports Stabilo Vacuum Posture Cushions  
Start Poznan, Poland Praschberger monoskis  
Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country Tetra Ski and Project  
  KBGoodz Sitskis  


Click HERE for the PDF of “At-Home Exercises and Stretches” from Kathleen Salas.

The event was generously sponsored by Inntopia and Green Mountain Adaptive Sports, and made possible by the collaboration of Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers, Eastern Adaptive Sports, and the Kelly Brush Foundation.

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If you are interested in sponsoring future events, or want to discuss other collaborations, contact Pascale Savard

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Thanks to our Expert Guest Speakers:

Geoff Krill carving a turn on his monoskiGeoff Krill, Director of Eastern Adaptive Sports and PSIAAASI Adaptive Team Coach. Geoff has been leading and coaching at this event for 9 years. His expertise, knowledge and experience continue to help participants bring their game to the next level.

Chris Young, US Coast Guard (Ret.), World Cup and Paralympic Champion, X Games Champion, and volunteer at the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers. Chris’s involvement with product development for the U.S. Ski Team makes him a favorite with equipment geeks – and he can also carve a very nice turn!

Greg Durso, Program Director, Kelly Brush Foundation. A fellow KBF grant recipient and big supporter, Greg is now focusing his efforts on helping others in the SCI community get the same opportunities and chances he’s had. As a wheelchair athlete Greg loves the outdoors: skiing, mountain biking, boating and participating in triathlons.

MiKayla Briere carving a nice slalom turn on her monoskiMiKayla Briere, Alpine Coordinator at Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire. MiKayla has been monoskiing for 13 years. She is an adaptive instructor since 2007, first joining ASPNC as a volunteer in 2015 and transitioning to the Alpine Program Manager in the Fall of 2019. She’s participated in the Stowe MonoSki Clinic for a few years, literally making heads spin as she rips her favorite turns, railed carves on a short SL ski on some of the most challenging terrain on the mountain. MiKayla is also an accomplished nordic sit-skier, hand cyclist, and sit-waterskier to name a few.

Liam Wagner, Kelly Brush Foundation Ambassador with affiliations to the National Ability Center and Bergers Ski & Snowboard Shop. Liam is new to the world of adaptive skiing but has embraced his new passion with a vengeance. Keep your eyes on this young athlete; he will no doubt make his mark on the world of competition before you know it.

Sincere thanks to all of our valued partners for contributing time, talent, and expertise to make this event possible. Check out the event and past posts on Facebook.

Contact Pascale Savard with questions.

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