T.J. has been an active participant in GMAS since 2015. Skiing with his teacher Eric Romansky is always the highlight of T.J.s week. “The opportunity of being able to ski with someone close to his own age is very special,” says Janet Ottas, T.J’s mom. When it comes close to the end of his lesson and Eric asks if T.J. wants to do one more run, his answer is never no!

T.J. thrives on being active and being around others, and his family feels so lucky to have found a program that can offer him both. T.J. moved to Stowe from New York in 2013 and has been increasingly active since then. T.J. loves sports and the outdoors. Along with skiing, he loves activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, and paddle boarding. When he doesn’t get the chance to get outside, he loves playing pool and ping pong at home, he also scores perfect games in Wii bowling. Janet Ottas expresses how endlessly grateful she is for this program and to all the dedicated members that make it possible.




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