Jenna is a very active, and spirited 18-year-old young woman who attends People’s Academy High School and participates in Green Mountain Adaptive Sports Programs. She resides in Morrisville, VT with her family including two siblings (one brother, and one sister) and her dog Pippa.

Jenna at her ski lesson in 2005

Jenna at her ski lesson in 2005

When not at school or doing sports, Jenna volunteers at the local animal shelter or works part-time at Marshall’s Department Store. She also knows sign language and is a member of the National Honor Society.


We wanted to learn a little more about Jenna outside of skiing so we asked her these questions. 

GMAS: How long have you been participating in Green Mtn Adaptive Sports programs and events?
Jenna: Since I was 5 years old, 13 years!

Jenna is a very active young woman.GMAS: Which program(s) you have participated in, and which one(s) were your favorite, and why?
Jenna: Downhill skiing is my favorite. I just love it.

GMAS: What is your favorite sport, or activity, and why?
Jenna: I love basketball, dancing, swimming, horseback riding, and skiing.

GMAS: What are your hobbies and favorite things to do?
Jenna: I enjoy go-carting, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, listening to music, dancing, horses, and dogs.

Jenna had fun Nordic Skiing with GMAS at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center.GMAS: Are there sports that you would like to try in the future?
Jenna: Not sure…

GMAS: Is there a specific sport that you think that GMAS should offer, and why?
Jenna: Basketball and horseback riding.

GMAS: What role have sports played in your life?
Jenna: I just love it. I get to be outside on my favorite slope and see friends.

GMAS: What are some of the things that people can do to help you succeed?
Jenna: Don’t limit me.

GMAS: What do you feel are your main strengths?
Jenna: I care a lot about people and animals and value kindness.

Jenna skiing with GMAS at Stowe.GMAS: What else do you wish people knew about you?
Jenna: I wish people knew how much I enjoy YouTube.

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