The Heady Trotter four-mile race held on Sunday, October 16, 2022, was a huge success with over 2,000 fans participating in this highly anticipated event at the Alchemist Brewery in Stowe, VT.

This year, three adaptive athletes, all employed by the Alchemist Brewery participated in the race. Jack Clark, who manages the Alchemist newsletter raced with Molly Lauridsen and their entourage of family and friends. Jackson Greenleaf, who works part-time at the brewery while he attends classes at St. Michael’s College pushed a Top-End Excelarator hand-cycle with his sister Olivia Greenleaf. Eric Greenberg, who works in the canning line, walked with Chelsea Nolan, Hallie Picard, and other Alchemist workmates.

Green Mountain Adaptive Sports is grateful to have been chosen as the charity partner of this event for the last five years. The organization uses the proceeds of the race to plan adaptive sports programming for the coming year. We are still tallying up the receipts, but we may have broken our past record this year, and raised over $15,000!

We wanted to extend our sincere appreciation to EVERYONE who contributed to the success of this event. It would not be possible without the support from Jen and John Kimmich and all of our friends at the Alchemist Brewery, Carl and Jon Ewald of Great American Brewery Runs, and Rick Woods of Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company who donated close to $700 from the sale of grilled cheese at the event. Let’s all say “Cheeeeeese” together!

Many many thanks as well to all involved to make this event happen, especially our friends at North East Passage in NH who provided the adaptive bike for Jackson, Robby Laughlin from Mountain Ops for adjusting the rig, and Maryanne, George, and Patrick Lewis for transporting the bike and Marcy Pelkey who organized all the volunteers. 

Finally, a million thanks to all those enthusiastic volunteers who helped on and off the course, and to all who have donated or purchased raffle tickets to win the most incredible branded fire pit. Our raffle went without a hitch, thanks to many helpers, including TJ and Janet Ottas, and Monique Duckworth. 

We look forward to a repeat of this fabulous event in 2023!

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