Green Mountain Adaptive Sports is a chapter of Move United, an American non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of para sports among youths and adults with physical disabilities. The organization operates community para sports programs via over 150 local chapters across the country. 

Move United offers a wealth of resources for anyone interested in participating, volunteering, or coaching adaptive sports.

If you are a coach or an instructor, or interested in adaptive sports in general, we suggest that you visit their website to get valuable resources, included how to get started, how to find a local program, equipment and adaptations, and tips to learn to teach the sport.

The organization recently created the “Move United’s Inclusive Playbook” to educate kids on disability awareness through the lens of adaptive sport. The Inclusive Playbook is a free, 24 page, interactive workbook created for children in pre-K through 6th grade and focuses on disability awareness and adaptive sport. It is accompanied by a two page interactive Inclusive Playmat for early understanding and learning. We encourage teachers, coaches, youth leaders, after-school caretakers, parks & recreation professionals, families and other disability advocates to use the Inclusive Playbook to bridge the gap between individuals with and without disabilities.

Another important resource program to help people connect, share, and learn from each other is offered by the Kelly Bruch Foundation, and called the Active Project.

Please never hesitate to reach out for help or questions by emailing us, or if you have some suggestions on how we create, or help you find the resources necessary for you to have a successful experience coaching, or participating in adaptive sports.