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I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our swimming athletes and his mom on Zoom. Brandon’s been swimming with Green Mountain Adaptive Sports for a couple of years and I learned he really enjoys the water and especially the water slide!

Jack: What do you like about swimming?
Brandon: Swimming is FUN!

Jack: How does it make you feel when you’re swimming?
Brandon: Swimming makes me feel HAPPY! I can float on my back. I can go down the slide.

Jack: What are you most proud of?
Brandon: I am most proud of going down the slide 🙂

Jack: What is your goal in learning how to swim?
Brandon: I want to learn how to swim underwater.

Jack: Would you recommend that kids your age learn how to swim?
Brandon: YES!

Adaptive Swim Program

Up next, I was able to ask mom, Kimberly, a few questions too:

Jack: What changes have you noticed in Brandon since he has started swimming?
Kimberly: Brandon used to be very scared of going into the water and now he really loves it. I think his favorite thing is going on the slide. He really enjoys going in the water, not just in the pool, but to beaches now.

Jack: What does it mean to have your son be able to participate in activities like swimming and to have access to one on one individual instructions?
Kimberly: I think it’s amazing to have one on one instruction. I am very thankful that this program is out there for kids who need the extra help. It’s important for them to get over the fear of water.

Jack: What has your experience with Green Mountain Adaptive Sports been like?
Kimberly: It’s been wonderful! Everyone has been very kind and very helpful and they work really well with Brandon. I am very thankful that the program is there. I ski in the winter.

Jack: Is there another sport Brandon would like to do?
Kimberly: We actually talked about doing something with waterboarding last year. I think that Brandon would really like to do something with that.

Thank you so much Brandon and Kimberly I really enjoyed this. Keep up the great work Brandon!

To find out more about the GMAS Adaptive Swimming program, or to apply for a scholarship click here.